Paul Romanick, Citrus Solution LLC

I am a very active in the veteran community. As a result I have gotten to know many great vets who share my passion for providing opportunity for those who have served. Three of these vets are Dave Hofstetter, Ed Fielder, and Bill Hackett.

I had become concerned for a vet who was struggling with his transition into civilian life, as many are. I reached out to these three gentlemen to contact him and see if they could help him in his endeavors. All three responded, contacted him, and gave him the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

They helped create a greater awareness of the process he was going through in pursuit of a career. They helped this vet create realistic expectations relative to the way the system works. All valuable information.

This recommendation is not about the particulars of this case, but rather the character of these three gentlemen whom I am proud to know, proud to call friends, and proud to be associated with them and their support of our veteran community. Thank you, gentlemen.