What others are saying

Outstanding oversight, management and expertise

Frank Ogorzaly, Acclaim Lighting, Inc.

I had the privilege of serving with Ed while he was assigned to the Inspector & Instructor Staff of Headquarters & Service Battalion 4th FSSG. Ed’s was an active duty Marine tasked with supporting reserve counterparts. In all areas of responsibility Ed provided outstanding oversight, management and expertise. I would give Ed the strongest recommendation possible in any endeavor. If you’re in need of a thorough dedicated leader capable of successfully handling multiple demands in a fast paced setting, Ed is your man.

Professionalism & Integrity

Dan Smith, BCS

Ed and myself became friends through our church, our children and our shared membership in various Georgia Tech organizations, I have come admire Ed greatly. The professionalism and integrity by which he has managed and grown his career over the years has been a joy to watch. The next several years should be even more rewarding for Ed.

Identifying Needs

Nigel Poland, ISS Facility Services – NA

Ed was the Account Manager on a major facilities management account and did a very good job coordinating all of the services provided as well as working with the client to identify their needs and address them.

Support of our veteran community

Paul Romanick, Citrus Solution LLC

I am a very active in the veteran community. As a result I have gotten to know many great vets who share my passion for providing opportunity for those who have served. Three of these vets are Dave Hofstetter, Ed Fielder, and Bill Hackett.

I had become concerned for a vet who was struggling with his transition into civilian life, as many are. I reached out to these three gentlemen to contact him and see if they could help him in his endeavors. All three responded, contacted him, and gave him the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

They helped create a greater awareness of the process he was going through in pursuit of a career. They helped this vet create realistic expectations relative to the way the system works. All valuable information.

This recommendation is not about the particulars of this case, but rather the character of these three gentlemen whom I am proud to know, proud to call friends, and proud to be associated with them and their support of our veteran community. Thank you, gentlemen.

Ability to solidify a widely diverse group of individuals working together

Ed Huzyak, BMW – North America

I had the pleasure of working with Ed Fielder for five years on numerous logistical projects for the Marine Corps. He is a very intelligent, articulate and highly skilled manager. Ed has the ability to solidify a widely diverse group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. Ed’s attention to detail and ability to anticipate potential problems in advance added to the ultimate success of the mission. He is very well versed in a wide variety of topics and is the type of person who earns respect immediately from both subordinates and superiors alike. His work ethic and ability to work under pressure is quite evident in any situation. There was never a doubt in my mind that Ed would achieve great success in the civilian business world after his retirement from the Marine Corps.

A proven leader

Dick Hobbs, Entrepeneur

Ed is a proven leader with superb organizational, management and personal relationship skills. He has a great intellect and an outgoing and friendly personality. Ed is a man of solid character and lives the highest of ethics in all he does.

Tireless devotion to duty

Cecil Clark, Principal of HCG

Ed is an exceptional leader whose tireless devotion to duty is without peer. Ed introduced internal quality performance objectives which yielded increased productivity, customer satisfaction, heightened focus on safety and met all prescribed budget/ P&L objectives. As testament to his effectiveness, Ed was recruited from CB Richard Ellis by the Bush II administration to manage/lead the Southeast Region of the General Services Administration.

Intelligent, loyal, and dedicated individual

Dennis Dorsey, Carrollton Career Center

Ed is a highly intelligent, loyal, and dedicated individual. He led one of the largest regions in the US General Services Administration and in that capacity produced excellent results. The Southeast Region consistently ranked highest in performance and in employee satisfaction. I reported directly to Ed and thoroughly enjoyed my time serving him and the President. Ed allowed his direct reports the opportunity to do their jobs without interference, but held us accountable for the results. He gave us responsibility WITH authority…unusual with most leaders!

Exceeding the client’s expectations

Donald C. Williams, Donald Williams Group, LLC

Ed Fielder is a values-driven, results-oriented leader who sets an enviable example for both his employees and his colleagues. He has exceptional strategic skills and an approach to leadership that focuses his organization on exceeding the client’s expectations. Ed promotes a workplace environment that promotes fairness, dignity and respect, while reinforces the commitment to accuracy and accountability. No matter what the challenge, Ed Fielder will resolve to meet your needs and then ensure that he and his firm does just that.

His integrity is unblemished

Stewart Rodeheaver, ViziTech USA

Ed Fielder is a superb strategist, capable of building and leading teams at multiple levels. He understands the interactions between business, government and individuals, and can build and communicate the structure to allow all to succeed at their missions. His integrity is unblemished, and I have always applauded his principles and standards. I would recommend Ed for any position that requires focused leadership, strategic thinking and communicating, and unwavering trust.

A driven leader

Jahmal Overton, GSA

As the Regional Administrator Ed was a driven leader that pushed both PBS and FAS to go farther than they thought they could. He provided me with sound advice in his tenure at GSA Region 4 and certainly guided to get where I currently am with GSA.

The definition of a leader

Brian Noyes, Direct Impact

Ed is the definition of a leader. He will take charge, give credit when it is due, accept blame when necessary, but he was always focused on getting results. He worked to coordinate across agencies and provided great value to his clients.

Works harder than most people I’ve known

Thomas H Walker, Thomas H Walker Consultants, LLC

Ed is a detail oriented executive with a strategic focus with intimate knowledge of facilities management. He works harder than most people I’ve known and will meet the final objectives no matter what it takes. He also has a very human side and is directly involved in several charitable activities. I’d strongly recommend Ed for pretty much anything.

Thorough, detail-oriented and highly competent

Palmer Wells, Theatre on the Square

I know Ed to be thorough, detail-oriented and highly competent. He has performed a valuable service as a board member for our organization and demonstrated his ability and expertise in the area of financial planning. I consider him to be very capable and team oriented.

Passionately concerned about people

Steven Shearod, Allstate

Duty, Honor, and Country, are not just sound bites for Ed Fielder. I have worked with him closely the last two years on a number of community based projects. Ed is passionately concerned about people, integrity, and American ideals and values. He is a conscientious team player, an effective communicator, a highly effective logistician, a skilled negotiator and administrator and a generous citizen. I would work anywhere that Ed is involved, and I encourage you to work with him also. He is a great business mind and leader.

Creates and develops leaders

Kamau Kofi Smith, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation

Ed Fielder is the type of leader that creates and develops leaders. He does a tremendous job of managing his P&L, the safety of his employees and customer satisfaction. Ed truly cares about the professional and personal development of his team and genuinely wants to see each member succeed.

The consummate professional

David Brown, Affiliations Unlimited, Inc.

Ed is the consummate professional. What he says that he will do he does on or before it was promised. He has become a good friend, trusted advisor and one that can be counted upon to under promise and over deliver.

I would trust implicitly

Dave Hofgstetter, Highwoods

Ed is an incredibly talented business professional who I would utilize in any capacity and would trust implicitly. He will get the job done regardless of obstacles and will develop fair and equitable solutions for any issue. I offer this unqualified recommendation for Ed as we have worked together on a number of projects and I cannot think of anyone better to run point.